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Aswas Community Pharmacy, the first pharmacy retailers providing Quality branded English Medicines at lowest price, through registered pharmacists, is now ‘A big relief to the public’. We have 24 X 7 round the clock pharmacy assistance in each of our branches along with expert qualified pharmacist’s service. counselling of patients and proper instructions of drug usage are provided at the time of dispensing of drugs so as to help the people and society to make the best use of us.


We provide all type of Branded English Medicines , Baby products and foods, Cosmetic Items, Branded Ayurvedic products, veterinary medicines and foods, and Surgical items like Glucometer, Walker, B.P Apparatus, Adult Diaper, Water Bed etc.

Home Delivery

We provide Home delivery system for the required customers.We can avail medicines with in 12 hours, if any medicine is not available in pharmacy.

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9061556155, 0471-2409388

Aswas Community Pharmacy

Social service being our hallmark, we are taking our sincere efforts, to provide all quality branded English medicines at a very low price. Availability of 'Life saving medicines' especially for Kidney patients and Cancer patients is one of our top most achievements to the medical field. All medicines are available at 13% to 65% discount over M.R.P. Insulin medicines are available at 18% to 30 % discount. Community Pharmacy has a wide range of veterinary products also, and are offered 10 % discount over M.R.P. We can avail all medicines within 12 hours ,if any medicine is not available in your nearest branch.

English Medicines

We offer a wide array of Quality branded English medicines, Injection medicines, Insulin, Baby products, Protein powders, Ayurvedic,veterinary products etc at reasonable cost, at a stone throw distance.

Medical Equipments

Pharmacy carries a wide selection of Home medical equipments, Glucometers, Surgical Items, Waterbed, Adult and Baby diapers etc to improve the quality of life and promote independence for our patients.

Life saving medicines

Life saving medicines especially for kidney and cancer patients are available at its lowest price.Counselling and proper instructions of drug usage are delivered to the customers at the time of drugs dispensing.

Years Of Experience

Our Services

Social Responsibility,being our prime motto, we are taking our sincere efforts to extend our helping hands to those who are really needy. More than 2000 free medical camps has been conducted all over Kerala, by joined hand with various Govt: and private Institutions.

Palliative Units

We care for improving the quality of life of palliative patients by providing equipment’s like Water-bed, medicines, adult diaper, Skin lotions, Air-bed, Oxygen concentrator, walker etc. at free of cost, along with aiding instructions. We provide free medical equipments, wheel chairs for R.C.C and Thaluks hospital. Free Dialysis for kidney patients is also being provided.

Free Medical Camps

Conducted more than 2000 medical camps all over Kerala by joining hands with government and private medical institutions. We provide free treatments and medicines for the needy, so that they benefits more. .

Medicine Supply

Aswas Community Pharmacy are responsible for ensuring the availability of all branded medicines and quality generic medicines at an affordable price. Our advance measures of controlled storage and transit conditions of medicines, ensure that their quality is not compromised. We have Pharmacy outlets in almost all districts of Kerala with full time support of qualified pharmacists.

Medical Checkups

We, Aswas Community Pharmacy, are taking our sincere efforts to extend our helping hands to those who are really needy. Free Medical checkup, Blood Sugar tests, Blood Pressure test etc has been supported with the help of Expert Doctors from Govt: and Private hospitals, we have supported free Cataract Surgery, discounts in Bi-pass Surgery, free dialysis etc.

Available Products

At our pharmacy, we offer various services and provide products for a healthy life style. We maintain a quality storage facility. Procuring, storing and delivering quality branded medicines to the concerned location are done with at most precision.


Health Care

We dispense the required medicines based on your prescription. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We also offer quality generic medicines at lowest price as per customer request.You will get everything you need, to take care of your health, from high-quality branded affordable medicines to General health care,Ayurveda and Surgical products. we have a team of experienced pharmacists at our medicine store to look at each and every order for ensuring our objective, that is to offer you 'The best-in-class service'.


Surgical Instruments

Aswas Community Pharmacy showcases a vast product range of surgical items including wheel chairs, B-P monitor, Water-Bed, Air-Bed, Walker, Commode chair, Knee-cap, Hot water bag, Walking Stick, Abdomen belts, Littman Stethoscope, Composition monitor, Yoga mat, Rubber sheet, all type of glucometers, Adult diapers etc at affordable cost.


Baby care and baby foods

We provide all branded baby care products in our pharmacy. Baby diapers of all sizes-almost all top brands are available. Baby products include baby shampoos, baby lotions, oils, powders and creams and are specially formulated to be mild and non-irritating.



Aswas Community Pharmacy has a wide range of veterinary products for all animals and birds. We provide a full range of prescription oriented vaccines, medicines, soap, shampoo, vitamins, breeds, calcium supplementary etc so as to prevent and control animal diseases.



Ayurveda healthcare products like branded hair oils, Pain balms, Massage oils, Chyawanprash, skin care products etc are available in our community pharmacy.


Generic Medicines

We provides a variety of Generic Medicines which has no difference with the branded ones except for the facts that they are not associated with any particular brand. We deliver them as per customer request,and they are cheaper as compared to the medicines marketed under certain brand. They are as effective and safe as their branded counterparts.

We are Suppliers of Generic & Branded Medicines that is bringing hope and treatment to people all across kerala


Beauty & Cosmetics

Looking good helps you feel good – and vice versa. Healthy beauty is all about smart, scientifically sound ways to care for and enhance your skin, hair, nails and body.Aswas Life care offers best quality beauty and cosmetic products at an economic range.

Our Offers