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Why Aswas

Few organizations can truly recognize and value the potential of the human mind as a powerful force for growth and change. At Aswas, the mind at work, thinking, deliberating, searching for better solutions and synergies is an everyday phenomenon.

The true agents of change at Aswas are its employees and owners. Every day is an opportunity to create change, to master new skills and make a difference in society.

Employment Option :

An enriching environment awaits the creative and competent mind. As an employee, wherever you are based and whatever function you contribute to, Aswas empowers you to use your talent and skills to change healthcare around the world for the better.

Whatever your competency and experience, we welcome you to post your resume with us. As opportunities for recruitment come up, we will contact you when a position is available.

Pharmacist welfare Society is an organization mainly focused at the welfare of the upcoming and existing pharmacists.

We help by all our means to open an Aswas Community pharmacy outlet, and also being part of our organization.

Welcome to Aswas
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