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In this competitive pharmaceutical trading market ,We are one of South-India’s leading and fast growing retailer health care company, driven by a single minded goal of making healthcare delivery more reliable.A group of nine pharmacists started this venture as social commitment, mainly to provide a relief to common people against current price hike of pharmacy medicines.As a result,Aswas community Pharmacy has grown rapidly over the decade to almost 156 branches, all across kerala with 500 pharmacists and more than 1000 supporting staffs. The transformation from being an employee, to an employer leads to numerous projects in order to save the common people against exploitation in the health sector,and is expected to create a great impact in the whole medical-health sector of Kerala.


Aswas Life Care Pvt Ltd is headed by a group of pharmacy professionals with a common mission of providing a relief to general public by giving quality medicines at reasonable cost.We also aim at providing a big relief to the public and creating a great impact on whole healthcare Industry We provide all back supports for those who are the registered pharmacist,to start a new pharmacy venture by joining us.


Our prime Vision is to establish over 1000’s of Aswas community pharmacy units all over Kerala by 2020.We also aim at creating a great impact on whole healthcare Industry by providing quality pharmacy education,Hospital, health care laboratory etc at reasonable cost all over Kerala.